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Loft Conversion Guildford

If you have not done so you may find it useful to read the section on House Extensions as many of the same aspects apply to converting your loft in particular H H Hilders attitude to building and delivering what you want.

When asked to do a loft conversion in Guildford, or anywhere else, this is often combined with building an extension at the same time.  We are also regularly asked to build an additional storey to a bungalow.  This can be more complicated and often entails removing the roof completely, sometimes extending the walls upwards to provide even more living space and then replacing the roof.  This will usually require moving out of the property, at least for some of the build process.

A standard loft conversion is one of the most popular forms of home improvement and can be a relatively straightforward process taking about 12 weeks if it involves utilising the existing loft space.  It can be one of the most cost effective ways of creating additional space. It still needs to be very carefully planned, checking in the first place that there is adequate space in the loft taking into account it will almost definitely require new deeper joists to take additional loads and deeper  rafters for additional insulation.

Loft Conversion Camberley

The access to the proposed new loft area has to be planned carefully to ensure there is the correct headroom to reach the loft and depending on the positioning of the stairs may entail losing space in the floor below.  This all needs to be thought through very carefully and often entails weighing up different options.  Occasionally the positioning of the new stairs is fairly obvious from the outset.

Obtaining Planning Permission may also be a relatively simple process and often not even required as most loft conversions fall under Permitted Development rules.  It is always advised, however, to  obtain a certificate of lawfulness from the Council before proceeding.

The building process can for the most part be relatively unobtrusive as access to the loft is usually gained from the scaffold directly into the loft space so men and materials do not have to move  through the house.  However, it is likely to involve changing the plumbing system with any tanks being removed from the loft and replaced with an unvented system or combi boiler to be located in new positions away from the loft area.

In semi detached or terraced houses it is likely that a Party Wall Agreement will be required.

H H Hilder can cater for different forms of loft conversion be it a completely new floor on a bungalow, a mansard roof, dormer windows or just the addition of skylights.

Using only skylights is the simplest version but will still require the use of structural steels and additions to the existing structure.  As the conversion becomes more complicated it is likely that more and more structural work will have to be carried out with the use of more steels and in the most complicated of cases the installation of a steel framework.

Most of the work takes place in the loft so need not impact too much on the remainder of the house but towards the end it is necessary to ‘break through’ install the stairs and make alterations to the main house below in order to accommodate the stairs.

Once the stairs are in place you will be able to walk freely up and down and view your new living accommodation.

Once the main structure is completed the process follows a similar pattern to building an extension going through the first fix, plastering and second fix/finals phases. Please see section on extensions.

A difference though is that the ‘breakthrough’ usually occurs later on in the project.

Loft conversions usually include an additional room or 2 rooms and an en-suite bathroom.

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